July 30, 2017

Summer raspberry cupcakes

raspberry cupcakes3

It's been ages since last time I baked something sweet! Truth be told, the heat has not been very friendly and I wasn't really up to start on the oven to create even more heat inside the house, but I thought of all these wonderful seasonal fruits I love and that really got me into baking again!

 I thought of something simple that I really enjoy doing, raspberry cupcakes! I've never tried this recipe before, hence I was a little disappointed by the way the frosting came out, which, as you can see, it actually turned into a glaze. Not that it is not delicious, it looks really glossy and pink, but it was not exactly what I wanted to achieve.
  raspberry cupcakes  
I also put some raspberries inside the though, to add more savor and sweetness to it, and let's admit, we all love a surprise in the middle right?

  raspberry cupcakes2

This is how they are supposed to look after 20 minutes in the oven. The inside is so soft, just a typical sponge cake, perfectly made I must say!

  raspberry cupcakes4raspberry cupcakes5 raspberry cupcakes6 raspberry cupcakes1  

Now, here's the recipe, if you are interested in trying it.

 For the dough: 2 eggs, 175 grams of flour, 150 grams of caster sugar, 100 grams of softened butter, 1 tbs of baking powder, some almond or vanilla extract, a few fresh raspberries, and 100 ml of yogurt. 

 For the glaze: 150 grams of powder sugar, 100 grams of softened butter, and raspberry syrup made from 200 grams of raspberries. 

 About the raspberry syrup, I really wanted to add the raspberry flavor to the frosting, so I mixed the fresh raspberries with 3 table spoons of water and half a cup of sugar, I let them stir for a few minutes at low heat and then I filtered the seeds, leaving only the heavy syrup. 
I added this to the butter and sugar, mixed them all at high speed and the result was this glossy pink glaze that is so delicious! 
I bet that if I added some whipped cream, the result would've been a rich, foamy frosting instead, but there is always a next time!

Let me know if you are curious to try this recipe!
Happy Sunday guys!

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